Michael Futreal, musician and multimedia artist

I am performing musician, composer, and instrument builder, using my own chromatic dulcimers, mountain dulcimers, electric gourd, and tonehole flutes alongside other items like guitar, ukulele, harmonica, banjo, and synth. I follow an improvisational and impressionist approach to make what I call rural space music. You can hear it in my youtube videos and on my music releases.

illustration of my instruments (click for more information)
various instruments I've built; find out more

I perform as Twang Darkly, a trio, but sometimes a moniker for a duo or solo act. I've done some film score work. In 2017, I was ARNA Artist-in-Residence in Sweden. In 2015, I was Artist-in-Residence at Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area in Nevada and was awarded the Music Fellowship Award from SRAC. I am a member of the Landscape Composers' Network.

I also experiment with digital filmmaking both as source material and visualization for music, incorporating animation, reconstructed still images, landscape film, and camera-as-paintbrush techniques. My most recent multimedia project included both animation and music and received grant support from SRAC: the 2016 joint multimedia exhibit, The Court of King Skebal.